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The Resolution Plans submitted by the Resolution Applicants were placed before the Committee of Creditors for their consideration and voting but failed to receive the requisite votes in terms of the provisions of the Code. We have completely transformed our structure and our operating model. We have gone from being industry- organized to being market-organized .

Futures Fall As Shakeout Deepens; Tesla Doubles From Bear Low – Investor’s Business Daily

Futures Fall As Shakeout Deepens; Tesla Doubles From Bear Low.

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Wipro has allotted 29,633 equity shares under ADS Restricted Stock Unit Plan 2004 and 3,606 equity shares under the Restricted Stock Unit Plan 2007 on 20 April 2023, pursuant to exercise of ESOP. The Board of Wipro will meet on April 2023 to consider a proposal to buyback equity shares of the company. Compliance is the state of being in accordance with the relevant provisions and established guidelines framed by regulator. Regulatory compliance is a prevalent business concern because of an ever-increasing number of regulations and a fairly wide-spread lack of understanding about what is required for a member to be in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

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Work is in progress to create a draft of more than 18 metres in Mormugao and Kamarajar Port. According to UNCTAD , international maritime trade is driven in particular by growth in containerized, dry bulk and gas cargos. However, uncertainties like the geopolitical tensions and global pandemic like COVID-19 remain an overriding theme in the current maritime transport environment, with risks tilted to the downside. The long-term trend towards the containerization of general cargo is upward rising. A large share of globalized containerized trade continued to be carried across the major East-West containerized trade arteries, namely Asia-Europe, the Trans-Paci c and the Transatlantic. Containerized and dry bulk trades are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% and 3.9%, respectively, over the forecasting period.

As per the Ministry of Shipping , in the next few years, most of the key ports would increase their capacity to accommodate bigger ships. Apart from these, the increasing need for new developments from Navy, o shore exploration, and national waterways, the scope of the Indian dredging industry seems vast. We will continue our investments – in building capabilities and acquiring market leading talent – in strategic growth areas such as cyber, data, AI and our engineering business. We are accelerating our investments in our Topcoder platform and in emerging areas such as Metaverse, Web 3.0, Robotics, self-learning AI, and privacy systems.

Global oil demand is set to surpass pre-pandemic levels in 2022 as fears over the latest coronavirus wave subside, creating the potential for another „volatile” year of oil prices, the International Energy Agency said. Increasing investment and cargo tra c point towards a healthy outlook for the Indian ports sector. Providers of services such as operation and maintenance (O&M), pilotage and harbouring and marine assets such as barges and dredgers are benefiting from these investments.


The Five Habits takes our values closer to our people, as I have discussed with 29,000 Wipro employees over 94 sessions. Wipro has witnessed a significant amount of change in the last two years. He has given Wipro a new direction by driving change while building on our very strong legacy and core strengths of the organization.

In October 2021, Adani Group theranos trial date for elizabeth holmes and that it wants to make Adani Port a net-zero carbon emitter by 2025 and power all its data centres with renewable energy by 2030. According to the Ministry of Shipping, around 95% of Indias trading by volume and 70% by value is done through maritime transport. In November 2020, the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi renamed the Ministry of Shipping as the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways. After due consideration of the business opportunities and other governing factors, the Company had decided to revamp its strategy in respect of the dredging division.

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In November 2021, Indonesia, along with India and the Philippines, joined the coal transition program. This program is aimed to target developing countries that lack adequate resources to finance the shift away from coal which is considered vital to limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C. In September 2021, UPC Renewables announced the construction of a 150-MW wind farm in Suakbumi, West Java. The project is expected to be completed in 2024 and will aid in achieving the target of 23% renewables in the national energy mix by 2025. The arbitration is likely to complete in a few months and the tribunal is expected to issue its award thereafter.

  • One can buy these currencies using their home currencies, or US dollars, from his/her preferred exchange.
  • Our big learning is that people don’t experience our values – they experience our behaviors, through which they interpret our values.
  • As per the Ministry of Shipping , in the next few years, most of the key ports would increase their capacity to accommodate bigger ships.
  • Private dredging contractors will be left with nothing if the four port trusts influence the other seven port trusts and one state-run corporate port to opt for the nomination route to award contracts.
  • While on the other hand, having been brought to the boil by the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference , concerns about climate change continue to be a hot topic of discussion.

We have a clear roadmap for the short and medium terms with targets of 100% renewable energy and 100% electric mobility by 2030. We were one of the first seven companies globally to have their Net Zero targets validated by Science Based Targets initiative. This question does not have a plain vanilla answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as the government and the central bank still look unsure as to how to deal with this new-age phenomenon. In 2018, The Reserve Bank of India came out strongly and kind of banned these tokens in India.

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In July 2021, India diversi ed procurement for crude by announcing its first shipment from Guyana. This move also indicates a future roadmap for extended alliance with Guyana in the oil & gas sector. In July 2021, ONGC, an upstream oil company, and NTPC announced plans to expand the o shore wind energy development in India and accelerate presence in the renewable energy space. „If demand continues to grow strongly or supply disappoints, the low level of stocks and shrinking spare capacity mean that oil markets could be in for another volatile year in 2022.” the IEA said. The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade. Without shipping, intercontinental trade, the bulk transport of raw materials, and the import/export of a ordable food and manufactured goods would simply not be possible.

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Is Veritone (NASDAQ:VERI) A Risky Investment?.

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Demand for digital, cloud, data, and cybersecurity services will continue to grow as more of our customers adapt to the new world order. The long-term prospects of the technology services industry look very good. If an investor believes in the technology-backed digital currency, then cryptocurrency should be his cup of tea. Just a decade-old asset class, it has yielded astronomical returns over the years.

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The big difference is, here there is no owner-issuer and it would, at least in theory, be accepted globally. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual coin secured by cryptography, which makes it next to impossible to counterfeit. They have their own store values, and are designed to use as a medium of exchange for buying goods or services. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, meaning that no authority regulates them. They are built on the blockchain network technology, which ensures transparency and helps track every transaction.

We have added new talent across the, with particular emphasis on women leaders. Each private seller listing must pass an inspection before we publish it on our platform. As part of the inspection, the seller must provide proof of ownership in the form of two pictures of the watch set to specific times. Coinme, a Seattle-based crypto firm, has been fined almost $4m by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for conducting an unregistered and misleading offering of a crypto asset called UpToken. The price-earnings ratio is a company’s share price to the company’s Earnings per Share.

Accordingly, an application for liquidation has been led in terms of Section 33 of the Code, which is pending adjudication by the NCLT. As on March 31, 2022, there were 2 permanent employees and 0 contract employees with the Company. The Indonesian government set a renewable energy target of 23% and 31% of the total electricity generation by 2025 and 2050, respectively. Currently, around 13% of power generation nationwide comes from renewable energy resources, mainly hydroelectric and geothermal power production. The necessity of meeting energy demand in the face of widespread shortages has, at least in the short-term, swung the winds of change strongly in favour of the coal industry.

In order to educate the members on the salient features of compliance with relevant regulatory stipulations, the Exchange has put in order, a Compliance Manual. The ability of a commodity to be sold and marketed in the market is called marketability. The concept of marketability in investment relates to the liquidity of investment – that is how readily and certainly an investment can be converted into cash.

That move was welcomed by the crypto exchanges and investors throughout the country. After this, Indian banks have tried to curtail transactions with crypto-exchanges as, in their view, they are governed by RBI. But later, RBI mentioned that banks cannot quote its 2018 ban to customers as it was overruled by the Supreme Court, paving the way for crypto trading to continue in India.

The highest Veritone, Inc. stock price was $ 13.25 till 30th Apr 2023 within the past 52 weeks. Signature on Physical Contract Notes – The member can opt to affix facsimile signatures on physical contract notes issued to their clients after ensuring that adequate controls and procedures are put in place regarding the use of facsimile/scanned signatures. Let’s understand with the help of an example, the control premium is 25%. All rights reserved except published datasets/resources and metadata. Future outlook of the company depends on the decision by honourable National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai on the application for liquidation by RP of the company. Accordingly, no segment reporting as per Accounting Standard-17 has been reported.

  • The Foundation works tirelessly to create at-scale, institutionalized changes in the quality of education in India as well as in other areas including working with vulnerable groups, health, nutrition, and governance.
  • This will significantly reduce the amount of sulphur oxides emanating from ships and should have major health and environmental benefits for the world, particularly for populations living close to ports and coasts.
  • Since then, the limits on sulphur oxides have been progressively tightened.
  • The investment in privately-held securities is not as liquid and has lesser degree of marketability as compared to the otherwise comparable publicly-traded company.
  • They are generally applicable when controlling equity is converted to a non-controlling and non-marketable value.

In 2020, about half of the total electricity production in Indonesia was made through coal. In July 2021, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari inaugurated Indias first lique ed natural gas facility plant in Nagpur, Maharashtra. In July 2021, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade approved an order allowing 100% foreign direct investments under automatic route for oil and gas PSUs. In September 2021, the Indian government approved oil and gas projects worth Rs. 10 lakh million (US$ 13.46 billion) in Northeast India.

They carry a pre-determined store value of their own, just like any other fiat currency like the US dollar or the Indian rupee. Cryptocurrencies are digitally mined, where very sophisticated computers solve extremely complex computational mathematics problems. Indonesias electricity generation rose to 275.2 TWh in 2020 and is expected to increase further in the coming years.

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In February 2022, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, said that India will more than double its exploration area of oil and gas to 0.5 million sq. In August 2021, Indian Oil Corp announced an investment of Rs. 10 lakh million (US$ 13.12 billion) to raise its refiningcapacity by almost a third over the next 4-5 years. The Competition Commission of India approved Adani Ports and Special Economic Zones proposed acquisition of 10.40% equity investment in Gangavaram Port in September 2021. The 10.4% equity shareholding will be bought from the government of Andhra Pradesh.

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There is a marketability difference between ownership interest in the stock of a publicly-traded company as compared to an ownership interest in the stock of a privately held company. The investment in privately-held securities is not as liquid and has lesser degree of marketability as compared to the otherwise comparable publicly-traded company. A rational investor will pay a premium on price for higher liquidity and will demand a price discount for lack of liquidity. Therefore, if an interest in a firm cannot be easily converted into cash, a discount for lack of marketability is applied. Investors in public companies have the luxury of ascertaining the value of their investment at any point in time.


Legal Risk Involvement in legal cases may lead to slowdown of operations and loss of consumer con dence in Companys operations. Mercators involvement in two legal cases might have adverse impact on its functioning. The Company has been stringently ghting against the lawsuit and is optimistic of positive results. At business levels, the Company is sincerely ghting its cases to recover its dues. Therefore, Indian ports are working towards the development of the basic infrastructure such as mechanization and the creation of more berths and deepening of channels, which will offer strong demand for the dredging operations. Moreover, the development of green eld ports would also propel the demand for dredging in India.

The Government has adopted several policies to fulfill the increasing demand. It has allowed 100% Foreign Direct Investment in many segments of the sector, including natural gas, petroleum products and refineries among others. Today, it attracts both domestic and foreign investment as attested by the presence of Reliance Industries Ltd and Cairn India. According to IEA , primary energy demand is expected to nearly double to 1,123 million tonnes of oil equivalent, as the countrys gross domestic product is expected to increase to USD 8.6 trillion by 2040. India has 12 major ports – Kandla, Mumbai, JNPT, Marmugao, New Mangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Ennore, V O Chidambarnar, Visakhapatnam, Paradip and Kolkata which handle approximately 61 per cent of the Countrys total cargo tra c. According to Niti Aayog, India needs to open up its dredging market to boost trade by its major ports which at present cannot handle very large vessels in absence of deep draft .

As per information available until date of reporting, matter is sub-judice and under review cum discussion at court. Management of the Company is anticipating positive outcome as per their judgment and other compliance under applicable Mining Law in Indonesia. The Company is taking all legal steps to protect its rights and interests.

Application for transfer of PI along with requisite documents has been submitted to Director General of Hydrocarbon for approval and the same was being reviewed by them. We had signed an addendum to extend the completion date to August 31, 2020 and further extending the long stop date to October 31, 2020. In terms of the update received from IRP, as a part of the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process , IRP had coporated an Expression of Interest and had received interest from Public and Private Players in the process. Prospective Resolution Applicants have expressed their interest in the Oil Assets of MPL. The process of due diligence by these entities is currently going on. However, due to a pending litigation led in NCLT by a financial creditor of the Parent Company and a consequent stay granted by NCLAT, the timelines under the Code stand extended.

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